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Consciouness and Metacognition Team

The Memory team was created in January 2019. Its main objective is to understand memory processes using different methodological approaches, including experimental psychology, neuropsychology, developmental approaches and computational approaches.
The team's research is organised along two main lines:

  • mnesis, which refers to the exploration of per se memory processes, and
  • epimnesis, which explores a set of reflective processes such as metacognition.



Thesis Fabien CARRERAS

METASTORY-Exploring metacognitive awareness of autobiographical memory in depression and healthy aging

Thesis Giovanny LAU

Metacognition of working memory

Thesis Gull ZAREEN

Spontaneous metacognitive experiences in development and aging

Thesis Inès LEPROULT

The role of elaborative strategies for the maintenance of working memory information during cognitive aging

Thesis Lise BRUN

Motor metacognition: towards a bridge between cognitive and sport psychology

Thesis Lucile MEUNIER

Metamemory in healthy aging

Thesis Milèna LEGER

The role of metacognition in eating behaviour


Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 12 April 2024