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Metacognition and motor skills


Metacognition, or the ability to evaluate our performance, has been studied extensively in the fields of memory (see above) and visual perception, but much less in other areas such as motor skills. This interdisciplinary thesis project (co-supervised by Céline Souchay, Aïna Chalabaev and Estelle Palluel) therefore aims to explore our self-evaluation capacities in motor tasks. The aim will be to conduct studies that are both 'systematic', i.e. carried out under controlled laboratory conditions, and 'representative', i.e. more ecological.
We will also explore motor metacognition in children and in the context of developmental coordination disorders (dyspraxia).

Financements : CBH Graduate School
Chercheurs : Céline Souchay, Lise Brun

Submitted on 17 November 2023

Updated on 17 November 2023