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Ecole Doctorale ISCE

Doctoral students linked to LPNC activities are attached to EDISCE

Preparation for the doctorate within the ED ISCE is structured around 5 specialties.


The interdisciplinary training of the ED ISCE corresponds to a wide range of professions aimed at maintaining or restoring health, particularly when bio-technological or bioinformatics training is sought


  • BIS: Biotechnology, Instrumentation, Signal and imaging for medicine, biology and the environment,
  • MBS: Models, methods and algorithms for Biology, Health and the environment,
  • PCN: cognitive sciences, Cognitive Psychology and Neurocognition,
  • CIA: Engineering of Cognition, interaction, Learning and creation,
  • MCA: Movement and Behavior for Health and Autonomy.

Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 22 November 2023