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Projet CDP Punaises ?

CDP Punaises

For a diet based on insects: scientific, economic and societal questions?

In the desire to develop a new nutritional approach that is more respectful of the environment while preserving or even improving the health of the entire population, the CDP PUNAISES project (For Insect-Based Nutrition and Food: What Scientific, Economic and Social consequences?) aims to study and support the consumption of insects in our societies to provide scientific answers on the benefit/risk, knowledge, economic, societal and political issues, and this , through an ambitious translational study making it possible to go from molecular screening to consumer study and public policies on the consumption of these products.

The project's objectives : The project is divided into 4 work spaces (WP):

  1. Upstream, a biological and pre-clinical evaluation consisting of biological valorization, nutritional and safety evaluation of insect raw materials (WP1)

  2. Downstream, a study of knowledge diffusion and market construction of insect-based foods (WP2)

  3. A consumer assessment to determine how to change consumer perceptions and behaviors towards edible insects as food? (WP3)

  4. The implementation of new training around the use of these new products for food purposes (WP4)




The LPNC is participating in WP3 “How to change consumer perceptions and behavior” which involves 2 other partners (CERAG and GAEL). This line of work aims to better understand individual perceptions and behaviors towards insects as such and as foods, through a multidisciplinary approach (behavioral and neurophysiological).


Coordinateur : Christophe Moinard
Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics (LBFA, UGA)


LBFA – Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics
Charlotte Breuillard, Karine Couturier,

LPNC - Laboratoire de Psychologie et Neurocognition
Aurélie Campagne, Emilie Cousin, Eve Dupierrix, Yentl Gautier

CERAG – Centre d’études et de recherches appliquées à la gestion
Agnès Helme-Guizon, Cindy Caldara, Jessica Gérard, Sophie Pasini

GAEL – Laboratoire d’Economie appliquée de Grenoble
Laurent Muller, Bernard Ruffieux, Sabrina Teyssier

CEA/CMBA – Centre de Criblage pour des Molécules Bio-Actives
Caroline Barette, Marie-Odille Fauvarque

TIMC – Environnement et Prévention en Santé des Populations
Christine Demeilliers

GRESEC – Groupe de Recherche sur les Enjeux de la Communication
Viviane Clavier

PACTE – Laboratoire de Sciences Sociales
Sidonie Naulin, Victor Villain


Cross Disciplinary Program (CDP) - UGA

Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 17 November 2023