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Thesis Camille CHARRIER


From 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2025

Bayesian modeling of orthographic and phonological processes and representations, and their interaction in tasks related to reading and its acquisition

Experimental studies of processes and representations involved in reading and in reading acquisition rely on a wide variety of behavioral tasks. This offers a wide array of tools for experimental studies, but poses a challenge to computational modeling studies. Indeed, most of the available computational models in the domain are restricted to simulating one, or a couple, of behavioral tasks. For instance, no current model is able to invert the information flow between orthographic and phonological representations, so as to simultaneously account for reading and spelling tasks. The main objective of this doctoral project is to define a probabilistic model of knowledge involved in all tasks related to reading, to simulate as many as possible. Indeed, using probabilities and Bayes’ theorem allows to “invert knowledge”, and thus to study mathematically the two-way information transfer between orthographic and phonological representations. Defining the model will rely on a family of models, the BRAID models, previously developed in the lab. The model will be evaluated on its capacity to simulate a wide variety of behavioral tasks, and to account for behavioral effects out of the scope of previous models.

Supervisors :
Marie-Line BOSSE (Marie-line[dot]Bosse[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)
Julien DIARD (julien[dot]diard[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr) (Codirection)

Keywords : orthographic knowledge,probabilistic modeling,reading acquisition,reading,spelling,



From 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2025


MESRI - Dotation EPSCP

Submitted on 16 November 2023

Updated on 16 November 2023