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Trans 3

Equipe Développement et Apprentissage, Research

Trans 3

The general challenge is the improvement of fundamental learning in elementary school, namely reading and oral English.

The general challenge is the improvement of fundamental learning in elementary school, namely reading and oral English. The objectives of the TRANS3 project are 1) to finalize the development of the applications created and evaluated within the framework of the FLUENCE project so that they are resolutely adapted to classroom use; 2) to allow them to be widely and sustainably disseminated in French-speaking schools, including those in the departments of Guyana and Mayotte; 3) to promote and support their use in the classroom by creating educational guides, training and additional resources for teachers; 4) to test their usability/acceptability in classes, as well as the impact of their use on student progress and on teachers’ teaching practices; 5) to consolidate the scientific knowledge associated with these tools and disseminate them on a large scale in the teaching world, in order to anchor the evolution of educational practices on theoretical frameworks and solid scientific data. These ambitious objectives will be made possible thanks to the continued collaboration of all the authors of the FLUENCE applications with new university partners, but also with the inclusion in the consortium of a digital publisher (HumansMatter) and an educational publisher. (Éditions Hatier), each having solid experience in their field of expertise and determined to collaborate to achieve these objectives. They will participate in the creation of the tools, ensure their promotion and dissemination on a large scale and beyond the project, according to an economic model that is transparent for all stakeholders. The commitment of the rectorates of Grenoble, Mayotte and Guyana guarantees the participation of these academic territories in the evaluation of the impacts linked to the use of the applications. This project will fit into the favorable framework of the Pégase pilot center (PIA3 funding, pilot center for teacher training and research for education). The first year will essentially be devoted to the co-construction, with a few user-tester teachers integrated into the team, of all the necessary tools: version 1 of the applications, the teacher interface, additional resources and content and training materials. Year 2 will allow us to test the effectiveness and usability of these tools in a set of diverse schools, to continue to adapt them as best as possible to practice and to refine the means of dissemination. The scientific research initiated in FLUENCE will also continue throughout the duration of the project and will be promoted in publications and training for teachers. The wide use of the 3 applications in French-speaking schools should contribute to the improvement of educational differentiation practices and the reading and English skills of students.


4 laboratoires : 3 à l'UGA (LPNC, GIPSA-LAB et LIDILEM) et 1 à l'INSA-Lyon (LIRIS)
2 partenaires industriels : Humans Matter et les Editions Hatier
3 rectorats : de Grenoble, de Mayotte, de Guyane

Responsable du projet

Responsable du projet : Marie-Line Bosse (PR, LPNC)

Site internet du projet:
Porteur du projet : UGA

Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 17 November 2023