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Equipe Développement et Apprentissage, Research

Pôle Pegase

Pilot center for teacher training and research for education

The Pégase center aims to transform teaching practices from kindergarten to high school to strengthen the learning of fundamental knowledge (oral and written language, mathematics/computer science, respect for others) and thus contribute to reducing social, territorial and social inequalities. cognitive. The Center was designed as an ecosystem closely associating the laboratories of UGA and USMB, the INSPE and Rectorates of Grenoble and Guyana, and the entire teaching community. This ecosystem is collaborative, distributed, open and learning. It works to place the “evidence-basededucation” approach at the heart of the initial and continuing training of teachers, to promote their professional development by relying on data from research.



Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 17 November 2023