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Babylab Languages and Music

Equipe Langage, Research




Art-Science-Parenting Project


Funded by IDEX UGA Scientific and Cultural Outreach, in the wake of a previous project launched in 2017 and entitled “The Languages of Babylab”, Languages and Music of Babylab articulated scientific research and artistic creation to resonate the research of artists and scientists from Grenoble working on the development of language and communication in infants. Scientifically, he proposed evaluating the impact of musical interventions on infant language development. On an artistic level, the artists engaged in creative research nourished by interactions with babies. Finally, in terms of parenting, families participated in discussions with artists and scientists to discuss and understand the links between music, language and awareness. Thanks to the mediation of the Mediarts association, the project made it possible to establish links between artists and researchers and to forge long-term partnerships with early childhood stakeholders.

- 91 artistic residency sessions in 9 different Isère territories with 4,446 audiences. - 10 concert-workshops bringing together 995 spectators, including events as part of Brain Week 2020, rescheduled for the 2022 edition. - 1 professional training “Creation and imaginary language at the service of little ones” conducted today by the Training Center for Performing Musicians (Université Lumière Lyon 2)

Project members :
Mathilde Fort
Hélène Lœvenbruck (porteuse)
Olivier Pascalis

Other IDEX partners - Academic partners :
Anne Vilain, Nathalie Henrich, GIPSA-lab (CNRS-Grenoble INP-UGA) ;
UGA (Direction de la Culture et de la culture scientifique)

External partners :
Christelle Pillet et Christophe Monge, association Médiarts ; Bertille Puissat et Myriam Roulet (musiciennes) ;
crèches Léa Blain et Mosaïque et auditorium de la Source, ville de Fontaine ;
Espaces Petite Enfance de l’agglomération grenobloise ; Musicien·ne·s du Labobascule (musique) ;
Simon Barral-Baron (vidéo).

Atelier BabyLab / © Simon Barral-Baron - projet LMBabylab

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Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 17 November 2023