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LAMI : Language-Motor Imagery circuits to improve motor learning and language comprehension – LAMI

LAMI project aims to explore the links between two cognitive systems: language and motor imagery, with the aim of exploiting their link to improve behavioral performance in these systems (specifically at the level of language comprehension and motor learning). Indeed, better knowledge of the links between these two systems will make it possible to propose a "cross-systems" training which has the advantage of strengthening the links and improving the behavioral performance of the targeted cognitive system. To do this, we have formed a consortium with complementary theoretical expertise and methodological approach. We propose to 1) explore the bidirectionality of these links and the presence of common representations 2) characterize the links between these two cognitive functions at the anatomo-functional level, to allow us to induce a plasticity of these cognitive networks which would allow the improvement of behavioral performances 3) to propose training programs which exploit these links in particular to improve the comprehension of language by training motor imagery, the improvement of motor performances by training action language in addition to motor imagery. These programs could be evaluated in specific populations such as second language learners and high-level athletes. We expect that in the future LAMI will be able to open avenues on clinical applied rehabilitation programs to be used with the pathological population.
key words: language comprehension , motor imagery, motor learning, action verbs

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CAPS Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté


à partir de décembre 2022 - 42 mois

Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 15 November 2023