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Metacognition and Nutritrion - EATMETA


This project was inspired by recent advances in metacognition research as applied to memory and seemingly has nothing to do with memory!  The project aims to explore how well people can regulate and monitor their eating behaviours, and whether metacognitive paradigms and models can be applied to this critical real-world behaviour: can we make people eat better by making them better aware of what they eat?  The overlap with memory comes through considering about how reflecting about a process changes it: metamemory is critical for regulation in learning situations - it leads to efficient learning.  Will we find the same is true for eating behaviours.  An exciting exploratory study, this project represents a collaboration between different labs in Grenoble in the context of the UFR Nutrition and is financed by a UGA Idex studentship.
Researchers : Milèna Léger, Eve Dupierrix & Chris Moulin

Submitted on 21 July 2023

Updated on 21 July 2023