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Thesis defence : Audrey MAZANCIEUX

Thesis defence

On 12 March 2020

Towards a unified view of metacognition : Insights from metamemory

Metacognition and especially metacognitive judgments have been largely studied within separate cognitive fields such as episodic memory (metamemory) or visual perception (metaperception). Despite this historical tradition of evaluating metacognition in a disparate manner, similarities in methodological and theoretical frameworks can be observed and recent work compares metacognitive judgements across a variety of tasks (first-order task), proposing the idea that metacognition could be domain-general. This thesis focuses on the cue-utilization view stemming from the metamemory literature to explore the breadth of metacognition across two correlational and three experimental studies. In particular, we investigated whether people use a common resource in their metacognitive judgements across different types of first-order tasks and whether this resource is also shared across different metacognitive judgements. Moreover, we focused on the metacognitive cue of fluency as a potential domain-general cue in the formation of metacognitive judgements. Overall, our results suggest that whereas prospective judgements are domain-specific, retrospective judgements can be supported by a domain-general resource. The study of the involvement of fluency suggests differing influence of this cue on both the type of first-order task and the type of metacognition judgement. This suggests that fluency effects are less homogeneous than previously thought. In light of these results, we propose a novel approach of metacognitive judgment formation in order to have a more unified view of metacognitive research. Finally, we suggest implications for both research on recognition memory and neuropsychological and psychiatric research.

Encadrants : 
- Directeur de thèse : Christopher MOULIN - (christopher[dot]moulin[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)
- Codirecteur : Céline SOUCHAY - (celine[dot]souchay[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr) -

Keywords: Metacognition, Metamemory, Confidence judgment, Prospective judgments, domain-general processes,

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On 12 March 2020




Submitted on 20 November 2023

Updated on 20 November 2023