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How does a session work?

The purpose of the study will be presented and explained to you when you arrive at Babylab. You will then be able to ask questions and decide whether or not to take part. For all these studies, your child remains with you at all times.
Your baby sits on your lap and faces a screen. We show him images according to the study he is taking part in (face processing/colour perception, etc.). We record his gaze using a video camera or measure his eye movements using a special camera. We will analyse these gaze times later. In general, the studies last between 5 and 10 minutes, but we stop more quickly if your child protests.

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How do we study infant skills?

During the first year of life, the absence of language, the immaturity of the motor system and the lack of attention mean that it is necessary to use study techniques that allow the infant's cognitive abilities to be measured indirectly. These techniques are essentially based on visual, auditory or motor observation of the infant.

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What are the studies we carry out for?

Our studies contribute to a better knowledge and understanding of human nature. Our results contribute to the conceptions or representations that adults have of infants and their skills. The work carried out on infants is then disseminated to the general public and makes it possible to change the way we interact with them.

Etude sur les nourrissons

Under whose responsibility are these studies carried out?

The Babylab in Grenoble is authorized to carry out studies on babies by the LPNC ethics committee. These studies are carried out under the responsibility of researchers from LPNC and GIPSA-lab.

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Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 23 November 2023