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Latest publications in international peer-reviewed journals


The role of talking faces in infant language learning: Mind the gap between screen-based settings and real-life communicative interactions (2023)

Birulés J*., Goupil L., Josse J.*, Fort M.

Brain Sciences, 13(8), 1167.


Facial dominance augments perceived proximity: Evidence from a visual illusion (2023)

Fang W., Galusca CI., Wang Z., Sun YHP., Pascalis O., Xiao NG.

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 49 (5), 635


Asymmetrical responding to male versus female other‐race categories in 9‐to 12‐month‐old infants (2023)

Damon F., Quinn PC., Méary D., Pascalis O.

British Journal of Psychology 114, 71-93


The effect of masks on the visual preference for faces in the first year of life (2023)

Galusca CI., Clerc O., Chevallier M., Bertrand C., Audeou F., Pascalis O..

Infancy 28 (1), 92-105


Comment nous associons un son à une forme : découvrez « l’effet bouba-kiki » (2023)

Fort M. & Schwartz J-L.

The Conversation.


Curiosity as a metacognitive feeling (2023) 

Goupil L., Proust J.


Beyond togetherness: Interactional dissensus fosters creativity and tension in freely improvised musical duos.(2023)

Wolf T., Goupil L., Canonne C.

Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.


Proactive or reactive? Neural oscillatory insight into the leader-follower dynamics of early infant-caregiver interaction (2023)

Phillips E., Goupil L., Marriott-Haresign I., Bruce-Gardyne E., Csolsim FA, Whitehorn M., Leong V., Wass S.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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  • Noiray, A. (2023).Towards an integrative interactive approach to the development of spoken language fluency, Centre for Language Sciences, Université Macquarie, Australie, 29 septembre.


  • Noiray, A. (2023). Ultrasound imaging in developmental speech sciences. STEM VII, CLUL, Lisbon University, Portugal, 5 septembre, 2023. Workshop.


  • Noiray, A. (2023).The development of spoken language fluency: a story of interactions? Colloque LPNC, Grenoble, 4 juillet.

Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 22 November 2023