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Language in interaction

As part of the LINK (Language Interaction NetworKs) project, we are working on the interaction between language and the sensory-motor and cognitive control systems, with the aim of developing an integrative model of comprehension mechanisms.
Indeed, a controversial question in cognitive neuroscience is whether language comprehension involves specific brain mechanisms for decoding linguistic information or whether language comprehension is achieved through more general sensorimotor or cognitive and metacognitive processes. Accumulating behavioural and neuroimaging evidence suggests that the processing of linguistic information may be shared within a broader machinery that encompasses other cognitive functions. An anatomo-functional interaction between the 'canonical language network' and the networks supporting other cognitive systems such as the motor and executive systems has been demonstrated. In collaboration with, among others, the Body & Space team, this project aims to characterise the anatomo-functional interactions between the 'specialised' or canonical language comprehension network and two other cognitive systems, the motor system (MS) and the cognitive control system (CC). We will evaluate the involvement of the SM in the decoding of lexical-semantic information and the involvement of the CC in the decoding of syntactic information during sentence comprehension in more ecological situations. We plan to develop an alternative neurocognitive model of sentence comprehension that goes beyond the view of the 'language system' in isolation.

Permanent·es :
Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti, Richard Palluel-Germain
Doctorant·es :
Samuel El-Bouzaïdi Tiali, Marcos Domic-Siede, Mariam Bayram
Dans les médias :


LPNC-Corps et Espace, CRNL-DYCOG, Pontifica Uni Chili, BCL,CAPS, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté (Dijon) – UFR STAPS INSERM U1093 : Action, Cognition et Plasticité Sensorimotrice, Université de Clermont Auvergne, Laboratoire de recherche sur le langage



Submitted on 17 November 2023

Updated on 17 November 2023