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Language access and production in normal ageing: neurocognitive models and cognitive reserve.

We observed an increase in the frequency of missing words with age, and under experimental conditions, we noted an increase in response time in language production tasks, even though accuracy remained correct. This raises the question of the underlying mechanisms and possible compensatory strategies used by the elderly. We formulated and tested hypotheses concerning specific processing linked to semantic language processes or general processing linked to executive functions.
We have shown the coexistence of these two mechanisms (specific and general) and an alteration in the dynamics of brain activity within a network linked to lexical production. We are seeking to provide additional evidence in support of our results, by combining fMRI and tDCS (for neuromodulation of the network) or MEG (to measure the dynamics of activations within this network).


CMRR CHUGA, IRMaGe, Clinatec-CEA, Université Bordeaux, Omaha University USA, Centre Leenaards, Université Lausanne

Permanent·es : Monica Baciu

Postdoctorante : Elise Roger

Submitted on 17 November 2023

Updated on 17 November 2023