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Apps and resources

Our research is at the crossroads of theoretical and applied interests.

We develop language assessment tests and remediation tools for language deficits. We offer educational tools, particularly in the field of learning to read and the prevention of reading disorders.

We produce databases and corpora for psycholinguistic research:

Lexicon is a database which provides, for 140,000 words in the French language, various information, such as the frequencies of occurrences in different corpora, the phonological representations, the associated lemmas, the number of syllables, the grammatical category, and much more information. OpenLexicon brings together several lexical databases including the Lexicon database but also other databases providing information such as age of acquisition, reading times or concreteness for example.


We carry out dissemination activities among the general public by contributing to university textbooks and participating in scientific media events and art-science projects.

Submitted on 15 November 2023

Updated on 15 November 2023