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Chercheuse (Université Grenoble Alpes)

Babylab, Développement et Apprentissage, Langage

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Building : Bât. Michel Dubois

Office : D 105

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Development of spoken language fluency in (a)typically developing children; (developing) relationships between speech motor control and other language-related abilities such as perception, phonology, lexicon, and reading; infant vocal development; L1-L2 relation; speech and language deficiencies in adults (Parkinson disease and post-stroke patients); speech planning.  

Scientific disciplines

Discipline(s) scientifique(s)

Language Sciences; Experimental Phonetics; Laboratory Phonology; Speech motor Control;  Developmental Psycholinguistics

Curriculum vitae
  • 2022       Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR), Language Sciences (section 07), Université Lyon Lumière
  • 2007       Ph.D., Language Sciences, GIPSA-Lab, UGA, Grenoble, France
  • 2003       D.E.A. (Master) Sciences du Langage, Sociolinguistique et didactique du français Langue Étrangère  (FLE), UGA

(1) Latest publications in international peer-reviewed journals:

(*authors for whom I mentored or co-mentored the postdoctoral work or ° doctoral work)


Abakarova°, D., Fuchs, S. & Noiray, A. (2022). Developmental differences in coarticulatory patterns relate to differences in speech motor strategies: An empirically grounded modeling approach. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 1-24.


Popescu*, A. & Noiray, A. (2021). Learning to read interacts with children’s spoken language fluency. Journal of Language, Learning and Development, 1-21. 

Krüger°, S. & Noiray, A. (2021). Developmental differences in perceptual anticipation underlie different sensitivities to coarticulatory dynamics. Journal of Child Language, 1-20.

Kolozsvári°, O.,  Xu. W, Parviainen, T. , Nieminen, L., Noiray, A., Hämäläinen, J. (2021). Age-related differences in coherence between brain activation and speech envelope at word and sentence levels. Neurobiology of Language, 2(2), 226-253.

Rebernik°, T., Jacobi, J., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A., & Wieling, M. (2021). Reviewing 30 years of electromagnetic articulography: some suggestions for improved experimental approaches. Laboratory Phonology: special collection: Techniques and Methods for Investigating Speech Articulation, 12(1):6, 1-42.


Rubertus°, E., & Noiray, A. (2020). Vocalic activation width decreases across childhood: evidence from carryover coarticulation. Laboratory Phonology, 11(7), 1-27. 

Noiray, A. Ries, J., Tiede, M., Rubertus, E., Laporte, C, & Ménard, L. (2020). Recording and analyzing kinematic data in children and adults with SOLLAR: Sonographic & Optical Linguo-Labial Articulation Recording system (SOLLAR). Laboratory Phonology: special collection: Techniques and Methods for Investigating Speech Articulation, 11(1): 14, 1-25.

Offrede, T. F., Jacobi, J., Rebernik°, T., Jong L., Keulen, S., Veenstra, P., Noiray. A., & Wieling, M. (2020). The Impact of Alcohol on L1 vs. L2. Language & Speech, 1-12.

Noiray, A.  Popescu*, A.,  Killmer, H., Rubertus°, E., Krüger, S., & Hintermeier, L(2019). Spoken language development and the challenge of skill integration. Frontiers in Psychology, section Language Sciences, 1-17.

Noiray, A., Wieling, M., Abakarova°, D., Rubertus°, E., & Tiede, M. (2019). Back from the future: nonlinear anticipation in adults and children´s speech. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 62(8s), 3033-3054.

(2) Latest communications in peer-reviewed international conferences:

Rubertus°, E., Popescu*, A., & Noiray, A. (2024). Ultrasound imaging can track subtle reading disfluencies: Insights from typically developing child and adults readers. Ultrafest XI, 151-152.

Popescu*, A., Rubertus°, E., & Noiray, A. (2024). Variation in the temporal extent of anticipatory coarticulation across three speech modalities. Ultrafest XI, 136-137.

Rubertus°, E., & Noiray, A. (2024). Investigating phonological development via monitoring children’s tongue motion. International Child Phonology Conference (ICPC) (virtual).

Rubertus°, E., & Noiray, A. (2024). Children’s coarticulation patterns as a window to the phonology-phonetics interface. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP), Autrans, France, 165-168.

Hoekzema, E., Rebernik°, T., Tienkamp, T.B., Chaboksavar, S.,  Ciot, V., Gleichman, A., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A.,Wieling, M., Abur, D. (2024). Assessing differences in articulatory-acoustic vowel space in Parkinson’s disease phenotypes. Proceedings of ISSP,  Autrans, France, 69-72.

Rebernik°, T. , Tienkamp, T. , Chaboksavar, S., Polsterer, K., Hoekzema, N., Riot, V., Gleichman, A., Jonkers, R. , Noiray, A. & Wieling, M. , Abur, D. (2024). Kinematic and acoustic contributors to formant perturbation responses in individuals with and without Parkinson’s disease. Proceedings of the conference on Motor Speech, San Diego, USA, 1-3.

Rebernik°, T. , Tienkamp, T. , Polsterer, K. , Hukker, V. , Medvedeva, M. , van der Ploeg, M. , Schepers, I. , Sekeres, H. G. , de Vries, W. , Abur, D. , Jonkers, R., Noiray, A. & Wieling, M. ( 2023). 5-minute Formant Adaptation Task in Dutch Children. Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), 1-4.

Popescu*, A., Rubertus°, E., & Noiray, A. (2022). Differences in reading proficiency correlate with variations in vowel duration and dynamics. Speech Motor Control (SMC), Groningen, 217-218.

Abakarova°, D, Fuchs, S., & Noiray, A. (2022). Linking differences in phonological representations and coarticulation degree: a modelling approach. Speech Motor Control (SMC), Groningen, 201-202.

Rebernik°, T., Jacobi, J., Oud, S., Reinders. A., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A. & Wieling, M. (2022). Investigating feedback and feedforward control during vowel production by Dutch adult speakers: insights from auditory feedback perturbation tasks. Speech Motor Control (SMC), Groningen, 73-74. 

Rebernik°, T., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A. & Wieling, M. (2022). The effect of masking noise on oral cancer speech acoustics and kinematics. Speech Motor Control (SMC), Groningen, 179-180.

Rubertus°, E., Popescu*, A. & Noiray, A. (2022). Children anticipate vowels earlier in repeated than in read aloud speech (LabPhon 18, virtual).

Abakarova°, D., & Noiray, A. (2021). Children’s coarticulatory patterns reflect undifferentiated articulatory strategies. (BUCLD, virtual).

Popescu*, A., & Noiray, A. (2021). Does learning to read interact with speech patterns in consistent alphabetic systems? The case of German. (AMLaP, virtual).

Popescu*, A., & Noiray, A. (2021). Does learning how to read affect the way you speak? Preliminary insight from German beginning readers. International Child Phonology Conference (ICPC, virtual).

Krüger°, S. & Noiray, A (2020). Are developmental differences in vocalic lingual anticipation perceivable? Insights from German child and adult listeners. International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP, virtual).

Rebernik°, T., Jacobi, J., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A., & Wieling, M. (2020). Experimental approaches in electromagnetic articulography. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP, virtuel, 4p, virtual).

Popescu*, A., & Noiray, A. (2020). Coarticulatory organization in beginner readers: a multifactorial interaction approach. (ISSP, virtual).

Rubertus°, E., Noiray, A. (2020). Anticipatory and carryover coarticulation share a similar origin: evidence from child speech. ISSP, virtuel. Student presentation award.

Abakarova*, D., Iskarous, K, & Noiray, A. (2020). Articulatory strategies and coarticulation pattern across age. ISSP, virtuel. Student presentation award.

Wieling, M., Blankevoort, C., Hukker, V., Jacobi, J., de Jong, L., Keulen, S., Medvedeva, M., van der Ploeg, M., Pot, A., Rebernik, T., Veenstra, P., & Noiray, A. (2019). The influence of alcohol on L1 vs. L2 pronunciation. Proceedings of the International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences, ICPHS, August 5-8, Melbourne (3622-3626).

(3) Latest invited seminars & workshops :

Noiray, A. (2024). Ateliers Doctorants & post-doctorants: Quelles carrières après la thèse? La recherche en psycholinguistique développementale. Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage (DDL), Lyon, 2 avril.

Noiray, A. (2023). Towards an integrative interactive approach to the development of spoken language fluency, Centre for Language Sciences, Université Macquarie, Australie, 29 septembre.

Noiray, A. (2023). Ultrasound imaging in developmental speech sciences. STEM VII, Université de Lisbonne, Portugal, 5 septembre.

Noiray, A. (2023). The development of spoken language fluency: a story of interactions? Colloque LPNC, Grenoble, France, 4 juillet.

Noiray, A. (2022). Applying ultrasound imaging to study the early coupling between perception and production in infancy. Laboratory of Phonetics and Phonology, CLUL Lisbon, 16 & 17 novembre.

Noiray, A. (2022). Atelier recherche en orthophonie: Apport de l'imagerie par échographie pour l'évaluation de la parole (a)typique. Maison des Sciences Humaines, Lyon, 20 juin.

Noiray, A. (2022). Differentiation, integration and interaction: three building blocks of spoken language acquisition. Colloquium Collegium de Lyon, 2 mai.

Noiray, A. (2022). Applicabilité de l’imagerie par échographie pour l’étude du développement de la parole chez les tout petits. Laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage (DDL), Lyon, 18 janvier.

Informations complémentaires

Third-part Fundings

  • 2024: « Intégration SEnsori-MOtrice pour la rééducation du langage chez des patients avec une aphasie non fluente après accident vasculaire cérébral ». Collaborateurs: Monica Baciu, Hélène Löevenbruck
    Investigateur Principal  (Institut Carnot Cognition, France)
  • 2022-27    « Tracking neurocognitive changes during evidence-based reading instruction in typically and atypically developing children »
    Porteur : Ken Pugh (NIH, USA)
  • 2022-25    « The Perception-Production Link in Early Infancy: A language acquisition oral-motor intervention study »
    Porteuse : Sonia Frota (FCT, Portugal)
  • 2022-23    « Differences in language learnability across ages »
    Porteuses : Sharon Peperkamp, Anne Christophe (ANR, France)
  • 2019-24  « Planning & correcting speech in healthy & pathological ageing »
    Porteur : Martijn Wieling (NWO, Pays-Bas)
  • 2021-22    Résidence de recherche (Collegium de Lyon) 
  • 2019-21    « Understanding spoken language organization in the first years of life, II »
    Investigateur Principal (DFG, Allemagne)
  • 2017-19    « Understanding spoken language organization in the first years of life, I »
    Investigateur Principal (DFG, Allemagne)
  • 2017    «  International conference: Ultrafest VIII »
    Investigateur Principal (DFG, Allemagne)
  • 2015-19    « PredictAble: Understanding and predicting developmental language abilities and disorders in multilingual Europe »
    Porteuse : Barbara Höhle (Marie Skłodowska-Curie, ITN)  
    Roles : Co-porteur, supervision postdoc, Manager de la Formation et Carrière Individuelle pour les 15 ESRs
  • 2015-17    Projets divers. Porteuse principale  (SBKW, Potsdam)
  • 2015-17    « New methods for investigating the development of coarticulation in children »
    Investigateur Principal (DFG, Allemagne)                                                 


  • Doctorats
    Mars 2024: Elina Rubertus, "Coarticulatory changes across childhood: implications for speech motor and phonological development"
    Université de Potsdam, Allemagne. Thèse disponible ici.

Submitted on 12 September 2023

Updated on 23 July 2024