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Bâtiment : BAT-6

Bureau : 612


Department of Psychology, USMB,

Domaine univ. Bellecombette, Bât. 6/7,

73011 Chambéry


Teaching activities (~1150 h)

2019 - present    Associate Professor at Univ. Savoie Mont Blanc (~700h)
2017 - 2019         Teaching and Research Associate at Univ. Grenoble Alpes (387h)
2009 - 2011         Temporary Teaching Associate (Lecturer) at Univ. Lyon (75h)



  • Neuroanatomy / Neurophysiology
  • Biology in Psychology
  • Neuroimagery
  • Neuropsychology / Cognitive psychology
  • Sleep, circadian rhythms and dreams
  • Informatics
  • Methodology of academic work
Curriculum vitae


2011    Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (supervisor: P. Ruby) 
             Topic: The neurophysiological correlates of the dream recall frequency during sleep and wakefulness

2008    Master degree, Physiology and Neuroscience, Lyon University

2006    Bachelor degree, Biology, Lyon University

2005    Bachelor degree, STAPS, Univ. Savoie Mont Blanc


Current Position(s)

2021 - present     Co-responsible of the Memory Team

2019 - present     Associate Professor 
                               Univ. Savoie Mont Blanc, LPNC


Previous Positions

2017 - 2019   Teaching and Research Associate, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, LPNC

2014 - 2017   Postdoctoral Scholar, Mass. Gen. Hospital - Harvard Medical School, US (advisor: S. Cash)
                        Topic: Neural replay at the macro- (LFPs) and micro- (units firing) levels in human sleep

2012 - 2013   Postdoctoral Scholar, Swansea University - Dep. of Psychology, UK (advisor: M. Blagrove)
                        Topic: Dreams content as a measure of memory consolidation during sleep


(xx) Eichenlaub JB, Bouet R, Pinelli M & Portrat S (submitted). Dream habits in a large cohort of preteens and their relation to sleep and nocturnal awakenings.

(23) Eichenlaub JB*, Pinelli M*, & Portrat S (2023). Sleep habits and their relation to self-reported attention and class climate in preteens. Sleep Medicine. *Co-first authors

(22) Wong W*, Andrade KC, Andrillon T*, Araujo DB, Arnulf I, Avvenuti G, Baird B, Bellesi M, Bergamo D, Bernardi G, Blagrove M, Collins MB, De Gennaro L, Decat N*, Demirel Ç, Dresler M, Eichenlaub JB, Elce V, Gott J, Herzog R*, Juel BE, Konkoly K, LaRocque JJ, Lacaux C, Lenggenhager B, Mota-Rolim SA, Mallett R, Noreika V*, Oudiette D, Palhano-Fontes F, Paller KA, Perogamvros L, Revonsuo A, Scarpelli S, Nilsen AS, Siclari F, Sikka P, Storm JF, Valli K*, Wamsley EJ, Windt J*, Zhang J, van Rijn E & Tsuchiya N* (2023). DREAM: A Dream EEG and Mentation database. PsyArXiv. *Equal contribution as the DREAM core team

(21) Eichenlaub JB*, Jarosiewicz B*, Saab J, Franco B, Kelemen J, Halgren E, Hochberg L & Cash S (2020). Replay of Learned Neural Firing Sequences during Rest in Human Motor Cortex. Cell Reports. *Co-first authors

(20) Eichenlaub JB, Biswal S, Peled N, Rivilis N, Golby A, Lee JW, Westover B, Halgren E* & Cash S* (2020). Reactivation of motor-related gamma activity in human NREM sleep. Frontiers in Neuroscience. *Contributed equally

(19) Blagrove M, Edwards C, van Rijn E, Reid A, Malinowski J, Bennett P, Carr M, Eichenlaub JB, McGee S, Evans K & Ruby P (2019). Insight from the Consideration of REM dreams, Non-REM Dreams and Daydreams. Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research and Practice (APA).

(18) Eichenlaub JB, van Rijn E, Phelan M, Ryder L, Gaskell MG, Lewis PA, Walker MP & Blagrove M (2019). The nature of delayed dream incorporation (‘dream-lag effect’): Personally significant events persist, but not major daily activities or concerns. Journal of Sleep Research.

(17) Naftulin J, Ahmed O, Piantoni G, Eichenlaub JB, Martinet L, Kramer M & Cash S (2018). Ictal and Preictal Power Changes Outside of the Seizure Focus Correlate with Seizure Generalization. Epilepsia.

(16) Eichenlaub JB, van Rijn E, Gaskell MG, Lewis PA, Maby E, Malinowski J, Walker MP, Boy F & Blagrove M (2018). Incorporation of recent waking-life experiences in dreams correlates with frontal theta activity in REM sleep. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

(15) van Rijn E, Reid A, Edwards C, Malinowski J, Ruby P, Eichenlaub JB & Blagrove M (2018). Daydreams incorporate recent waking life concerns but do not show delayed (‘dream-lag’) incorporations. Consciousness and Cognition.

(14) Vallat R, Eichenlaub JB, Nicolas A & Ruby P (2018). Dream recall frequency is associated with medial prefrontal cortex white-matter density. Frontiers in Psychology.

(13) Combrisson E*, Vallat R*, Eichenlaub JB, O'Reilly C, Lajnef T, Guillot A, Ruby P* & Jerbi K* (2017). Sleep: an open-source python software for visualization, analysis and staging of sleep data. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics. *contributed equally.

(12) Vallat R, Lajnef T, Eichenlaub JB, Berthomier C, Jerbi K, Morlet D & Ruby P (2017). Increased Evoked Potentials to Arousing Auditory Stimuli during Sleep: Implication for the Understanding of Dream Recall. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

(11) Lajnef T, O’Reilly C, Combrisson E, Chaibi S, Eichenlaub JB, Ruby P, Aguera PE, Samet M, Kachouri A, Frenette S, Carrier J & Jerbi K (2017). Meet Spinky: An open-source Spindle and K-complex detection toolbox validated on the open-access Montreal Archive of Sleep Studies (MASS). Frontiers in Neuroinformatics

(10) van Rijn E, Eichenlaub JB, Lewis P, Walker, M, Gaskell M, Malinowski J & Blagrove M (2015). The dream-lag effect: selective processing of personally meaningful events during rapid eye movement sleep, but not during slow wave sleep. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.

(9) Lajnef T, Chaibi S, Eichenlaub JB, Ruby P, Aguera PE, Samet M, Kachouri A & Jerbi K (2015). Sleep spindle and K-complex detection using tunable Q-factor wavelet transform and morphological component analysis. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

(8) Lajnef T, Chaibi S, Ruby P, Aguera PE, Eichenlaub JB, Samet M, Kachouri A & Jerbi K (2015). Learning machines and sleeping brains: Automatic sleep stage classification using decision-tree-based multi-class support vector machines. Journal of Neuroscience Methods.

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(4) Ruby P, Blochet C, Eichenlaub JB, Bertrand O, Morlet D & Bidet-Caulet A (2013). Alpha reactivity to first names differs in subjects with high and low dream recall frequency. Frontiers in Psychology.

(3) Ruby P, Blochet C, Eichenlaub JB, Bertrand O, Morlet D & Bidet-Caulet A (2013). Alpha reactivity to complex sounds differs during REM sleep and Wakefulness. PloSOne.

(2) Eichenlaub JB, Ruby P & Morlet D (2012). What is the specificity of the response to the own first-name when presented as a novel in a passive oddball paradigm? an ERP study. Brain Research.

(1) Dalal SS, Hamamé C, Eichenlaub JB & Jerbi K (2010). Intrinsic coupling between gamma oscillations, neuronal discharges, and slow cortical oscillations during human slow wave sleep. Journal of Neuroscience.


Book chapters

(2) van Rijn E, Eichenlaub JB, Henley J & Blagrove M. The Dream-Lag Effect (2019). In K. Valli, R. Hoss & R. Gongloff (Eds.) Dreams: Biology, Psychology and Culture, ABC-CLIO.

(1) Eichenlaub JB, Cash S & Blagrove M. Daily life experiences in dreams and sleep-dependent memory consolidation (2017). In B. Rasch, & N. Axmacher (Eds.) Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Consolidation, Springer.



(1) Eichenlaub JB (2019). Book review: “The Neuroscience of Sleep and Dreams” by Patrick McNamara. International Journal of Dream Research


Other publications

(2) Eichenlaub JB. Est-ce que le cerveau humain réactive les mémoires nouvellement encodées? (2017). Annales de la Fondation Fyssen (numéro 30, 2015).

(1) Eichenlaub JB. Activités cérébrales associées au rêve et à son récit (2015). Journal des Psychologues.


Informations complémentaires

Administrative duties

2024 - present     Member of the board of the LLSH Training and Research Unit (UFR LLSH, USMB) 

2023 - present     Member of CER-USMB (Comité d’Ethique pour la Recherche, USMB) 

2021 - present     Coordinator – 1st Year bachelor’s degree in Psychology (USMB)

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