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Doctorant (CNRS)


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Bâtiment : Bât. Michel Dubois

Bureau : C 105

Multimodal Modeling of the Neurocognitive Dynamics associated with Lexical Production in Healthy Aging

Neuroimaging: resting-state fMRI & graph theory / diffusion MRI, tractography / MEG

Statistical Modeling: multivariate analysis (NMF, PLS, CCA) / hidden Markov model / deep learning (transformer) 

Disciplines scientifiques

Discipline(s) scientifique(s)

Cognitive & Computational Neuroscience

Curriculum vitae

2022-2025 : PhD UGA, LPNC

2020-2022 : MSc Research in Cognitive Psychology UGA, LPNC

2017-2020 : BSc Psychology UGA




Guichet, C., Banjac, S., Mermillod, M., Achard, S., Baciu, M. (2024). Modeling the Neurocognitive Dynamics of Language Across the Lifespan. Human Brain Mapping, April, 45(5).

Guichet, C., Roger, E., Attyé, A., Achard, S., Mermillod, M., Baciu, M. (under review). Dynamics of White Matter Architecture in Lexical Production among Middle-Aged Adults. Preprint. Neuroscience

New, B.*, Guichet, C.*, Spinelli, E., Barra, J. (submitted). Listening to foreign languages: pump up the volume! *Equal contribution

Ashokumar, M., Guichet, C., Schwartz, J-L., Takayuki I. (2022). Correlation Between the Effect of Orofacial Somatosensory Inputs in Speech Perception and Speech Production Performance. Auditory Perception & Cognition, October, 1–11.


Guichet, C., Attyé, A., Roger, E., Achard, S., Mermillod, M., Baciu, M. (2024, June 23-27). Exploring the Links Between Lexical Production and Track-Weighted Imaging in Middle-Aged Adults. [Poster presentation]. Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Seoul, South Korea.

Guichet, C., Attyé, A., Roger, E., Achard, S., Mermillod, M., Baciu, M. (2024, April 13-16). Midlife Dynamics of White Matter Architecture in Lexical Production. [Poster presentation]. Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) 2024, Toronto, Canada.

Publié le 31 août 2023

Mis à jour le 27 mars 2024