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Céline Souchay

Céline Souchay

Laboratoire de Psychologie et Neurocognition
Université Grenoble Alpes
Bâtiment Sciences de l’Homme et des Mathématiques
CS40700 - 38058 Grenoble Cedex 9 France

Tél. : 0672231297

CNRS researcher


2013 Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR), University of Bourgogne (France)

2000 PhD ‘Metamemory in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease ‘,University of Tours (France) supervised by Pr. M. Isingrini


2012–2015 CNRS researcher at the LEAD (Laboratoire d’étude de l’Apprentissage et du Développement), UMR CNRS 5022, Dijon, France

2008–2012 Senior Lecturer in Human Memory, University of Leeds, U.K.

2005-2008 Lecturer in Human Memory, University of Leeds, U.K.

2004-2005 Lecturer in Psychology, Psychology Department, University of Plymouth, U.K


2002 – 2004 Postdoctoral fellow, University of Strasbourg, France

2001 – 2002 Postdoctoral fellow, University of Montreal, Canada


2006-2009 Sarah Smith (Leeds, U.K)
Metacognitive awareness of everyday life memory in Parkinson’s disease

2008-2011 Dominika Wojcik (Leeds, U.K.)
Memory and the self in autism

2009-2012 Nathan Illman (Leeds, U.K.)
Recognition memory impairments in temporal lobe epilepsy

2010-2014 Suzanna Morson (Leeds, U.K.)
Feeling-of Knowing

2013- Radka Jersakova (Leeds, U.K)
Implicit and explicit metacognition

2014- Julie Bertrand (Dijon, France)
Fractionation of metamemory in Alzheimer’s disease

2016- Stéphanie Cauvin (Geneva, Switzerland)

2016- Audrey Mazencieux (Grenoble, France)
Metamemory in multiple sclerosis


2014 – ’Déléguée Scientifique’ HCERES (SHS & SVE)
2015 - Member of the ethics committee CERNI, Grenoble, France
2015 Appointing committee, Ecole Normal Supérieure de Paris, France
2013 – 2015 Steering committee of the Fondation Hospitalo-Universitaire Translad, Dijon, France
2008 – 2012 Scientific committee, University of Leeds, U.K.
2007 – 2011 Appointing committee, Clinical degree, University of Leeds, U.K.
2004-2005 Ethics committee, University of Plymouth, U.K.


2016 Organisation (invitation of keynotes, speakers for 2 symposia) of the first joint meeting of the British Neuropsychological society and the Société Française de Neuropsychologie de Langue Française, London, UK

Organisatrice de deux symposium. ‘Autobiographical memory’ with Martin Conway (London), Emily Holmes (Cambridge), Pascale Piolino (Paris), Lilianne Manning (Strasbourg) / ‘Genetics and neuropsychology’ with Fabienne Collette, Julie Snowden, Annette Karmiloff-Smith

2016 Symposium ‘Memory and Genetics’ International Conference on Memory (ICOM 6), Budapest, July 2016

2016 Organisation of the Journées Scientifiques du LPNC. ‘Neuropsychologie de l’Enfant’, 17 Juin 2016, Grenoble, France

2014 The 2nd International Conference on Metacognition, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

2014 Workshop on ’Memory and Alzheimer’s disease’, Dijon, France

2014 Workshop ’Neuropsychological and Neuropsychiatric approaches to neurodevelopment disorders’. Dijon, France

2011 Organisation of a symposium ’Aging and Feeling-of-knowing’, ICOM, U.K.

2008 Organisation of two workshops on ’Recollection’ (ESRC-ANR grant) in Paris and Tours, France

2007 Organisation of a symposium ’Cognitive Feelings’, British Psychological Society, Cognitive Section, Aberdeen, U.K.

2006 Organisation of a symposium ’Metacognition’, British Psychological Society, CognitiveSection, Leeds, U.K.

2006 Organisation of a day-long symposium on ’Memory and Aging’, ICOM, Sydney, Australia with publication of a special issue in Memory

2006 Organisation of an EPS-finded workshop on Cognitive Aging, Holland House, UK.


2016 Editorial board of Memory

2013 Guest editor for Cortex

2009 Guest editor for Memory

2007 –2018 Reviewer, FP7-People-COFUND

2008 –2015 Reviewer, Agence Natinale de la Recheche (ANR) France

2010 – 2013 Review panel member, Economic and Social Research Council, U.K.


As PI or co-PI

2015-2016 Fondation Méderic. ‘Autographer and memory in Alzheimer’s disease’

2013-2015 Région Bourgogne. ’Memory and Alzheimer’s disease’
As a collaborator

2016-2019 PARADOX Does a Metacognition déficit underlie he real world/Laboratory Prospective memory Paradox in Healthy and Pathological Aging ? ANR PRCI

2006-2008 ESRC-CNRS Collaborative Workshop Scheme (France & GB)
C. Moulin, C Souchay, M Conway, M. Isingrini

2001-2003 CNRS grant ‘Metamemory and aging’, Université de Tours (France) M.Isingrini et C. Souchay


2013-2014 PhD visiting grant (Bourse Eiffel) for Radka Jersakova

2008-2011 Remedi, Medical Research Charity (GB) Scientific award

2005 Royal Society-Travel Grant (GB). C. Souchay

2001-2003 Postdoctoral funding, Fondation pour la recherche médicale (France)

2000-2001 Postdoctoral funding, Fond National de la Recherche en Santé Canada and Région Centre (France)

1997-2000 PhD funding, Université de Tours, France


A full, up-to-date list is on google scholar

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Open access journals

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