17 novembre 2020: 1 événement


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    Mardi 17 novembre 13:00-14:00 - Louise Goupil - University of East London (London, UK)

    Communicating subjective states of confidence

    Résumé : This talk will be composed of two sections. In the first section, I will present some work that suggests that core metacognitive abilities are present in development long before children become able to talk about their metarepresentations, and that even preverbal children can communicate their metacognitive states non-verbally. I will then discuss the possibility that these core abilities may play an important role for social learning, enabling young children to learn cultural and linguistic conventions more efficiently by focusing their informants’ attention on what they do not already know, and weighting socially acquired knowledge depending on the reliability of their informational source ; I will briefly show preliminary results that suggest that this may be the case. In the second section of the talk, I will present a recent project showing that speakers’ subjective confidence is truly and automatically reflected in some distinct features of speech prosody, over and beyond the influence of perception and cognition, and even in the absence of an audience. I will then present some evidence that, on the side of listeners, these prosodic signatures of confidence are shared with prosodic signatures of (dis)honesty, perceived independently from individuals’ conceptual knowledge and native language, and that they automatically impact verbal working memory. Together these findings suggest that these prosodic signatures are more akin to natural signs of unreliability than to fundamentally communicative signals, and could therefore constitute a cheap mechanism for detecting unreliability in conspecifics. I will conclude by suggesting a few ways in which I hope to bridge these two lines of research in the future.

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