28 janvier 2020: 1 événement


  • Séminaires LPNC

    Mardi 28 janvier 13:00-14:00 - Christine Bastin - Université de Liège, Belgique

    The sources of subjective experiences of memory : The case of memory vividness in healthy aging

    Résumé : Recollection allows humans to retrieve specific details about past events (objective recollection) and to have the subjective feeling of re-experiencing these events (subjective recollection). Healthy aging affects episodic memory, but has a differential impact on subjective and objective recollection. Indeed, older adults typically judge their memories as being very vivid or claim high confidence in their memory (i.e., intact subjective recollection). However, they recall fewer episodic details (i.e., diminished objective recollection). Our research aims at understanding the mechanisms behind this dissociation. Using a lab-based and a lifelogging approach, we observed that older adults’ ratings of having vivid memories for past events do not rely as much on the actual number of episodic details they retrieve as in young participants. We conducted some behavioural and neuroimaging (fMRI) studies to examine the possible sources of vividness ratings in healthy aging. This work can inform us about how humans generate the subjective experience of remembering.

    Lieu : BSHM-A006

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