17 octobre 2019: 1 événement


  • Séminaires LPNC

    Jeudi 17 octobre 14:30-15:30 - Ben Alderson-Day - Durham University, UK

    Inner speech – what is it good for ?

    Résumé : Inner speech – the act of talking silently in one’s head – is a cognitive phenomenon which is both highly familiar and yet elusive. For many, thinking in words is at the core of who we are, and what we do (or at least, for many philosophers).
    Exploring the role of inner speech in cognition is challenging, however – doing so successfully requires a range of phenomenological, psychological, and neuroscientific methods. In this talk, I will summarise some of the work of the Hearing the Voice project at Durham University, and make the argument that inner speech may be less fundamental to cognition than is often claimed. Specifically, I will suggest that for adults. inner speech is a vividly experienced cognitive habit, varying across individuals, that is just as likely to reflect psychopathology as it is to confer any distinct benefits to cognition.

    Lieu : BSHM-A006

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