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Morgane Metral

Morgane Metral

"The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe." Michio Kaku

Department of Psychology
Savoie Mont Blanc University
Jacob Bellecombette BP 1104
73011 Chambéry cedex




Thesis defense : 2016

Interaction between motor behaviors and body schema in anorexia nervosa and control participants

key words : body schema, motor behaviors, anorexia nervosa, mirror paradigm, multysensory integration.

Advisors : Michel GUERRAZ, Marion LUYAT


- Metral, M, & Mailliez, M. (in press). How certainty appraisal might improve both body dissatisfaction and body overestimation in anorexia nervosa : a case report Journal of Eating Disorders

- Metral, M., Gonthier, C., Luyat, M., & Guerraz, M. (2017). Body schema illusions : a study of the link between the rubber hand and kinesthetic mirror illusions through individual differences. BioMed Research International.

- Metral, M., Chancel, M., Brun, C., Luyat, M., Kavounoudias, A., & Guerraz, M. (2015). Kinaesthetic mirror illusions and spatial congruence. Experimental Brain Research.

- Brun, C., Metral, M., Chancel, M., Kavounoudias, A., Luyat, M., & Guerraz, M. (2014). Passive or simulated displacement of one arm (but not its mirror reflection) modulates the involuntary motor behaviour of the other arm. Neuroscience.

- Metral, M., Guardia, D., Bauwens, I., Guerraz, M., Lafargue, G., Cottencin, O., & Luyat, M. (2014). Painfully thin but locked inside a fatter body : abnormalities in both anticipation and execution of action in anorexia nervosa. BMC Research Notes, 7(1), 707. doi:10.1186/1756-0500-7-707

- Metral, M., Guinot, M., Bresciani, J.-P., Luyat, M., Roulin, J.-L., & Guerraz, M. (2014). Bimanual coordination with three hands : Is the mirror hand of any help ? Neuropsychologia, 52C, 11–18. doi:10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2013.10.027

- Metral, M., Blettery, B., Bresciani, J.-P., Luyat, M., & Guerraz, M. (2013). Trying to Move Your Unseen Static Arm Modulates Visually-Evoked Kinesthetic Illusion. PLoS ONE, 8(11), e80360. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0080360

- Guardia, D., Metral, M., Pigeyre, M., Cottencin, O. & Luyat, M. (2013) Body distosions after important weight loss, lack of updating of the body schema hypothesis, Eating and Weight Disorders, 18(3), 333-6.


- Metral, M. (2017, novembre). L’anorexie mentale et la distorsion des représentations corporelles : Une approche neurocognitive. Communication orale présentée à l’Université Populaire, Chambéry, France.

- Metral, M. (2017, juin). Distorsions du schéma corporel et de l’image du corps dans les troubles des conduites alimentaires et en population à risque. Communication orale invitée présentée à la 1ère journée du Centre Référence TCA de Lyon (CREATYON), Hospices de Lyon, France.

- Brun, C., Metral, M. & Guerraz, M. (2015). Does bimanual coupling improve when a third hand comes into play ? Investigation of the mirror paradigm on voluntary and involuntary motor behavior on healthy participants, REPAR Congress, Boucherville, Canada.

- Metral, M. (2014). Se sentir ronde et agir comme tel:l’importance de la distorsion du schéma corporel dans l’anorexie mentale, AFTCC Congress : "young researcher" award, Paris.

- Metral, M., Guardia, D., Cottencin, I., Bawens., O., Guerraz, M. & Luyat, M. (2013) Feeling fatter and acting accordingly : strong implication of body schema in anorexia nervosa, Euromouv international conference, Montpellier, France.

- Metral, M., Guardia, D., Cottencin, O. & Luyat, M. (2012) Rôle du schéma corporel surestimé dans l’exécution d’une tâche posturale chez la personne souffrant d’anorexie mentale, XIXème APE Congress, Marseille, France.

- Metral, M., Guardia, D., Cottencin, O. & Luyat, M. (2012) Neuropsychologie de l’Anorexie mentale, Neuropsychology International Symposium, Lille, France.


2011-2018 : Savoie Mont Blanc University & Lille3 University

1st year : Introduction to Psychology (in charge), statistics (in charge), learning theories, method in cognitive sciences, tutoring in cognitive science

2nd year : Perception and movement, method in cognitive sciences and psychology, neuroanatomy, memory, neuropsychology

4th year : Anorexia nervosa and body schema

5th year  : Eating disorders


2017-18 : Psychologist (Neuropsychology and BCT) specialized in Eating disorders Care center for teenage children suffering from eating disorders, Challes-les Eaux & psychological counselling, Savoie Mont-Blanc University, Chambéry.

2016-18 : Psychologist (Neuropsychology and BCT) specialized in Psychiatry psychological counselling, Savoie Mont Blanc University, Chambéry.

2012-13 : Neuropsychologist in neurochirurgy Neuro-oncology unit, Lille-University Hospital’s, France.

2012 : Neuropsychologist in rehabilitation center Korian Le Mont Veyrier, Argonay, France.


2016-2019 : Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Lyon 1 University.

2012-2016 : PhD in Cognitive Sciences and Neurocognition (President’s grant from Savoie Mont Blanc University)

2012 : Neurosychology E.M.S, Savoie Mont Blanc University, Chambéry, France.

2009 : Bachelor in psychology, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada.

Voir en ligne : Projet CES-AR Cognition Émotion Sport de l’Accompagnement à la Recherche