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Audrey Mazancieux

Audrey Mazancieux

Doctorante / PhD student

Laboratoire de Psychologie et Neurocognition
Université Grenoble-Alpes
Bâtiment Sciences de l’Homme et Mathématiques
CS40700 - 38058 Grenoble Cedex 9 France


Domain-general and domain-specific metacognition : from healthy functioning to pathological cases

PhD supervision : Christopher Moulin (LPNC) & Céline Souchay (LPNC)

The core question of this thesis is whether metacognition is ‘split’ into the cognitive domains (i.e., language, memory, perception…) as cognition more generally is proposed to be. Focusing on the processes involved in metacognitive judgements, we aim to identify domain-general and domain-processes underpinning these judgements. A domain-general view of metacognitive processes proposes that people use the same processes when they evaluate performance during different types of tasks. To examine this issue, we focus on three different methods.

i. Correlational studies

ii. Experimental studies (functionnal independance)

iii. Neuropsychological dissociations

Regarding neuropsychological studies, we investigate metacognition in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Because lesions are distributed in MS, patients can exhibit multiple cognitive impairments. In that sense, patients with the same pathology could have different cognitive profile (e.g., no cognitive impairment, selective deficit in episodic memory, deficit in both executive functioning and episodic memory…) which allows enough variability in the comparison of these different patients. It allows a better control to compare different cognitive profile for the same pathology. Moreover, since few studies have been focused on metacognition using experimental measures in this population there is a clinical interest in the evaluation of the disease awareness.


Mazancieux, A., Fleming, S. M., Souchay, C., Moulin, C. J. A. (submitted). Retrospective confidence judgments across tasks : domain-general processes underlying metacognitive accuracy

Bertrand, J. M.*, Mazancieux, A.*, Moulin, C. J. A., Béjot, Y., Rouaud, O., Souchay, C. (accepted). In the here and now : Short term memory predictions are preserved in Alzheimer’s disease. Cortex

Mazancieux, A., Souchay, C., Casez, O., & Moulin, C. J. A. (2019) Metacognition and self-awareness in Multiple Sclerosis. Cortex, 111, 238-255

* equal contribution


Mazancieux, A., Cadieux-Laflamme, A., Souchay, C., & Moulin, C. J. A. (2018, June). Metacognition in motor learning. Poster presented at The 16th European Workshop on Imagery and Cognition. Padoua, Italy

Mazancieux, A. & Moulin, C. J. A. (2017, April). The relationship between implicit and explicit memory : A new perceptual identification task. Poster presented at the Ecole Thématique TRANSMEM du CNRS ’Cerveau et mémoire’, Porquerolles, France

Mazancieux, A. & Moulin, C. J. A. (2017, Febuary). The relationship between implicit and explicit memory : A new perceptual identification task. Poster presented at the Cognitive Science Arena (CSA), Brixen, Italy


2016-2019 : PhD Student in Experimental cognitive psychology and neuropsychology

Laboratoire de Psychologie et Neurocognition (LPNC) - Ecole Doctorale Ingénierie pour la Santé, la Cognition et l’Environnement (EDISCE)
Supervised by Christopher Moulin (LPNC) and Céline Souchay (LPNC).

2015-2016 : M.Sc. Research in Experimental cognitive psychology

Research dissertation : Relation entre mémoire implicite et mémoire explicite : utilisation d’un nouveau paradigme d’identification perceptive.
Supervised by Christopher Moulin (LPNC) - Grenoble-Alpes University

2014-2015 : Master’s Degree in Experimental cognitive psychology

Research dissertation : Evaluation corticale de l’émotion : Effet de l’induction émotionnelle sur des mesures d’excitabilité corticale.
Supervised by Alan Chauvin (LPNC) - Grenoble-Alpes University

2010-2013 : Bachelor in Psychology – Grenoble-Alpes University