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Training agenda

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Every year we organize internal training in the laboratory related to neuroimaging techniques (software, acquisition techniques, etc.)

Upcoming Trainings

SPM beginner (05-08 October 2016)

This training is for M2 students, PhD students and permanent eager to start analysis in fMRI SPM12 (no prerequisites required). It contains a theoretical part and a practical part of the space pre-treatment results visualization. This should enable you to start treating your data autonomously.

Download the program (programme.pdf)

Past trainings

  • Beginner Matlab, the 03 and 18/05 in room 127
  • SPM beginner (28-30 September 2015)
  • GET beginner (15-16 October 2015)
  • advanced fMRI (July 11, 2016, factorial and parametric drawing fMRI)