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Some members of the CNF is allocated 30% of their time at UMS IRMaGe where they share the technical, administrative and ethics responsibilities of these platforms.

The CNF provides various skills such as using data processing, using the ethics process, support for the establishment of protocols, scientific monitoring and help with recovery. In addition, it develops and provides automated data processing tools in neuroimaging and neurophysiology and expertise in statistical modeling (machine learning, lesion mapping, ...).

  • E. Cousin (fMRI) : Support for the establishment of protocols, statistical treatment fMRI, ethical procedure
  • S. Harquel (TMS, EEG, tDCS) : Support for the establishment of protocols, treatment of neurophysiological data, ethical procedure
  • C. Pichat (fMRI) : Pre-processing of images, Resting state, effective connectivity, anatomical and functional
  • L. Torlay (tES, Statistics, fMRI) : Simulations tES, statistical learning, lesion analysis techniques, question-establishment protocols tES