The ReCor Database

The ReCoR program (ANR Grant: ANR-12-JHS2-0002-01) aims to investigate the visual and neural mechanisms (hemispheric specialization, retinotopic mapping and retino-cortical interaction) involved in the processing of natural scenes, and develop visual tests for the diagnosis of visual deficits and the monitoring of treatments in retinal diseases.

For this purpose, we use large scenes (1024 x 768 pixels) which cover a large part of the visual field (> 24° of visual angle) when displayed at a 70 cm viewing distance on a 17-inch computer monitor (with 1024 x 768 pixels definition).

The database is composed of a few hundred black and white photographs of scenes (256 grey scales) belonging to different semantic categories. Photographs were taken with our personal digital cameras.

Publications utilizing images selected from the database:

Previous publications in link with the ReCor program

To access to this database, please send an email to the scientific leader of the ReCor program: Carole Peyrin,