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Post-Doc position - NeuroCog

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A Post-Doc position is opening on Functional connectivity of language networks at LPNC, under the supervision of Monica Baciu (PR UGA, LPNC).
The project is funded by NeuroCog.

starting date : September-October 2019 - duration : 12 months

The project :

Language neurocognition is currently undergoing a change of perspective and traditional models are giving way to more integrative models. They take into account sets of brain regions and their connections, organized into cortical and subcortical networks, based on segregation and integration
processes, providing thus an integrative and connectomic dimension. The main objective of this project is to lay the foundations for such integrative language networks and sub-networks, focusing on
functional neuroimaging data (fMRI) previously acquired. More specifically, we wish to identify language sub-networks specific to phonology, semantics, syntax and prosody by using fMRI data acquired for a large panel of language production and comprehension tasks.

Candidate :

The applicant should have a PhD in cognitive neuroscience/cognitive psychology/cognitive sciences (language) and background in neuroimaging processing. She/he should be familiar with existing tools for analysis of neuroimaging data (SPM, FSL, Freesurfer…), programming experience
(MATLAB, R...) and functional connectivity analysis.

Application :

Please send your CV with publication list, names of contact information and summary of research interests to :