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Memory and Developmental Psychology

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Memory and Cognitive Development

Our research team considers both Memory and Cognitive Development. The members of the team are interested in Early cognitive abilities in infants and children ; The role of early experience on cognitive development ; Memory and executive functions and The subjective and higher order control functions in memory, especially in episodic and autobiographical memory.

Our experimental work is achieved via various methods such cognitive and developmental psychology and neuropsychology.

The main research themes are

Development :

— Conceptual Development during childhood.

— The development of working memory, executive function and selective attention in typically developing and atypical populations.

— Development of Face processing, face recognition and visual functions.

Memory :

— Implicit and Explicit processing of emotions

— Cognitive Psychopathology cognitive

— Neuropsychology and modelling of memory— Working Memory

— Episodic memory and metamemory

— Autobiographical memory and the self


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Carole Berger Julie Bertrand
Françoise Bonthoux Lora Cohen
Martine Bouvard Fabrice Damon
Annik Charnallet Marjorie Dole
Nathalie Fournet Fanny Gimbert
Pascal Hot Violette Hoareau
Karine Mazens Aurélie Porcheron
David Meary Marie Prévost
Christopher Moulin Marie Thomas
Olivier Moreaud Isabelle Watin-Augouard
Olivier Pascalis Pei-Jun Woo
Sophie Portrat Isabella Zsoldos
Jean-Luc Roulin Kylee Ramdeen
Stéphane Rousset Marie Sarremejeanne
Céline Souchay Anne-Raphaelle Richoz
Chloé Stoll
Gabriel Jarjat

Main publications

  • Ambrosi, S., Kalénine, S., Blaye, A., & Bonthoux, F. (2011). Modality switching cost during property verification by 7 years of age. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 35, 78-83.
  • Gomez, A., Rousset, S., Charnallet, A. (2011). Spatial Deficits in an Amnesic patient with Hippocampal Damage : Questioning the Multiple Trace Theory. Hippocampus. DOI : 10.1002/hipo.20968
  • Heron-Delaney, M., Anzures, G., Herbert, J.S. , Quinn, P.C. , Slater, A.M., Tanaka, J.W., Lee, K. & Pascalis, O. (2011). Prevention of the Other Race Effect in Infancy via Book Training ; PlosOne. 6(5):e19858
  • Hot P, Rauchs G, Bertran F, Denise P, Desgranges B, Clochon P, Eustache F. Changes in sleep theta rhythm are related to episodic memory impairment in early Alzheimer’s disease. Biological Psychology, 2011. 87(3), 334-339.
  • Portrat, S., Barrouillet, P., & Camos, V. (2008). Time-Related Decay or Interference - Based Forgetting in Working Memory ? Journal of Experimental Psychology : Learning, Memory and Cognition, 34(6), 1561-1564.