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Matthieu Rolland

Matthieu Rolland

1251 avenue Centrale
38058 GRENOBLE Cedex 09

Tél. : 04 56 52 85 05

Profile :

I am a statistician specialized in cohort data analysis. I have an engineering degree in mathematical modelling with a specialization in biostatistics. I have worked on many cohorts in the fields of epidemiology, public health and neurosciences. I am now in charge of managing the data from the Fluence cohort and performing the project’s main analyses.

Fluence :

Publications :

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  • "Coordination of cortical and thalamic activity during non-REM sleep in humans"
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  • "Distribution, Amplitude, Incidence, Co-Occurrence, and Propagation of Human K-Complexes in Focal Transcortical Recordings"
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  • "Surveillance épidémiologique d’indicateurs cliniques et biologiques de la fonction reproductive humaine en lien avec les perturbateurs endocriniens"
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  • "P-394 : Monitoring TDS Health Indicators in France : National Temporal and Spatial Trends for Sperm Quality, Testis Cancer and Congenital Malformations."
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  • "Trends in unsafe sex and influence of viral load among patients followed since primary HIV infection, 2000–2009"
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Researchgate :