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Marie Prévost

Expertise :

Neuroscience - Cognition - Social cognition

Research :

My current project, for which I am an Agreenskills fellow (, is a collaborative work between the Laboratory of Psychology and NeuroCognition (LPNC) with Monica Baciu and Pascal Hot, and the Grenoble Applied Economy Laboratory (GAEL) with Laurent Muller and Bernard Ruffieux. This project explores how people evaluate health-related dimensions of food product from numerical and chromatic nutritional information. We investigate various heuristics or rules that guide decision-making, using behavioural methods, functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery (fMRI) and eyetracking.

More generally, I’m interested in social decision-making, social cognition, and the integration of social information. I previously explored trustworthiness evaluation of strangers, mindreading relationship to trust and paranoia, oxytocin modulation of trustworthiness judgments, and how the integration of semantic information can be modulated by paranoia.

Background :

Present  : Postdoctoral researcher – INRA GAEL / LPNC, UPMF, Grenoble, France

2010-2013  : Postdoctoral researcher – Neurophilosophy Lab, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2006-2010  : PhD student – Cognitive and Social Neuroscience Laboratory, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2003-2005  : Masters 2 – Neuroscience, Paris VI, France

1999-2003  : Licence – Biology, Paris VII, France

Publications :

▪ Prévost M, Brodeur M, Onishi KH, Lepage M, Gold I. (2015). Judging strangers’ trustworthiness is associated with theory of mind skills. Frontiers in Psychiatry 6:52.

▪ Prévost M, Carrier ME, Chowne G, Zelkowitz P, Joseph L, Gold I. (2014). The Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test : validation of a French version and exploration of cultural variations in a multi-ethnic city. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry. 19(3):189-204.

▪ Prévost M, Gold I. The importance of trusting your doctor. Invited Book Chapter in Raz A & Harris C, Talking Placebos : Modern perspectives on placebos in society. Oxford University Press. In Press

▪ Prévost M, Debruille JB. (2013). Cooccurrence des croyances religieuses, superstitieuses et de type délirant. Santé Mentale au Québec. 38(1), 279-296

▪ Debruille JB, Rodier M, Prévost M, Lionnet C, Molavi S. (2013) Effects of a small dose of olanzapine on healthy subjects according to their schizotypy : An ERP study using a semantic categorization and an oddball task. European Neuropsychopharmacology, 23(5), 339-350

▪ Renoult L, Wang X, Calcagno V, Prévost M, Debruille JB. (2012) From N400 to N300 : variations in the timing of semantic processing with repetition. Neuroimage, 61(1), 206-215

▪ Prévost M, Zuckerman A, Gold I. (2011) Trust and placebos. Journal of Mind-Body Regulation, 1(3):138-142

▪ Rodier M*, Prévost M*, Renoult L, Lionnet C, Kwann Y, Dionne-Dostie E, Chapleau I & Debruille JB. (2011) Healthy people with delusional ideation change their mind with conviction. Psychiatry Research, 189 : 433-439 (* both authors contributed equally)

▪ Prévost M, Rodier M, Lionnet C, Brodeur M, King S, Debruille JB. (2011) Paranoid induction reduces N400s of healthy subjects with delusional-like ideation. Psychophysiology, 48 : 937-949

▪ Brodeur MB, Debruille JB, Renoult L, Prévost M, Dionne-Dostie E, Buchy L, Lepage M. The influence of contour fragmentation on recognition memory : An event-related potential study. Brain and Cognition, 76 : 115–122

▪ Prévost M, Rodier M, Renoult L, Kwann Y, Chapleau I, Dionne-Dostie E, Brodeur M, Lionnet C & Debruille JB. (2010) Schizotypal traits and N400 in healthy subjects. Psychophysiology, 47(6):1047-1056

▪ Rey G, Knoblauch K, Prévost M, Komano O, Jouvent R and Dubal S. (2010) Visual modulation of pleasure in subjects with physical and social anhedonia. Psychiatry Research, 176(2-3):155-60

▪ Brodeur M, Bacon BA, Renoult L, Prévost M, Lepage M and Debruille JB. (2008) On the functional significance of the P1 and N1 effects to illusory figures in the notch mode of presentation. PLoS ONE, 3(10):e3505

▪ Renoult L, Prévost M, Brodeur M, Lionnet C, Joober R, Malla A and Debruille JB. (2007) P300 asymmetry and positive symptom severity : A study in the early stage of a first episode of psychosis. Schizophrenia Research, 93(1-3) ; 366-373

In Preparation

▪ Prevost M, Brodeur M, Yong Ping E, Gold I. New mothers’ trust in strangers and theory of mind. To be submitted to Psychological Science

▪ Prevost M, Ditzen B, Brodeur M, Gold I. Intranasal oxytocin modifies the relationship between trust and theory of mind.

▪ Muller L, Prevost M. What behavioural economics and other cognitive sciences have to say about the impact of nutritional labels. To be submitted to the Journal of Economic Psychology.

▪ Prevost M, Baciu M, Muller L, Ruffieux B, Crosetto P, Meary D, Hot P. Deciding how healthy is a food product is like doing maths. To be submitted to Psychological Science

▪ Prevost M, Hot P, Muller L, Ruffieux B, Crosetto P, Pichat C, Cousin E, Baciu M. Neural correlates of the nutritional evaluation of food products. To be submitted to NeuroImage

Voir en ligne : Grenoble Applied Economy Lab website