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Journal Club

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Every month we organize to demand a meeting regarding a recent article or theme in neuroimaging. Foodle is a proposed start of each month to set a date that works for everyone.

Upcoming journal club

About the article : Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing in Neuroimaging using MRI

E. Cousin / C. Pichat : date to define (early September)

Former journal club

Note : The supports of these meetings can be downloaded in “documents” section.

  • reentry meeting (14/10/15) E. Cousin / C. Pichat / S. Harquel
  • fMRI Power analysis (18/11/15) E. Cousin
  • Introducing the tES (01/21/16) S. Harquel / L. Torlay
  • fMRI conjunction analysis (05/09/16) E. Cousin / E. Hoyau
  • Statistical learning (03/06/16) L. Torlay