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Jérôme Dias

Jérôme Dias


CEA / Léti
17 rue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble cedex 9

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Research Interests

My research interests are image processing, optics, computer vision and computer graphics. I am particularly interested in novel imaging and display systems that combine a creative use of optical devices, a sensor/display technology associate with an adapted algorithm to enable new functionality in cameras and displays, including :

  • Computational Photography for leveraging novel optical designs and image processing together to enable new capabilities in conventional cameras, such as extended depth-of-field, digital refocusing, super-resolution, and measuring high dimensional appearance.
  • Computer Vision for measuring depth or spectral characteristics that inform a higher-level understanding about a scene, such as geometry or material properties.
  • Computational Displays for displaying images with an unprecendented sense of realism by allowing viewers to observe the appearance of objects in a natural and intuitive manner.



Hue discrimination, unique hues and naming
Bachy R., Dias J., Alleysson D. and Bonnardel V. (JOSA A, 29, 2, pp.60-68, 2012)


Graph-based multi-scale analysis of plate and rods in human trabecular bone
Jérôme Dias, Sébastien Valette, Julien Dardenne, Rémy Prost, Françoise Peyrin. (ICIP 2009)


Depth Estimation from a Single Image by Multi-Scale Depth Of Field Analysis
Jérôme Dias, Gergely Papp, Paul Dufouleur, Stéphane Gétin. (ICCP 2012)

Hue discrimination to spectrally modulated lights
R Bachy, J Dias, D Alleysson, V Bonnardel. (ECVP 2010)