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IT management and security department

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IT management and security department

This department ensures the availability, evolution and security of the LPNC’s IT infrastructure. Given the wide range of the research carried out at the LPNC, its IT platforms are heterogeneous, comprising Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and are designed to interface with a considerable number of different experimental devices. This department also manages the interface with the university’s IT infrastructure. It deals with any kind of incident that may occur, and in so doing minimizes downtime and communicates with users. The department automates and oversees software updates. It ensures data confidentiality, availability and integrity by virtue of a reliable networked storage system and a clear and detailed backup and archiving policy for critical data.

Entity in charge of LPNC’s IT infrastructure :
Thierry Rakotoarisoa (+33) 0*4 7682-5672

email : thierry.rakotoarisoa[at]]