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FLUENCE (English)

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Aims :

The aim of Fluence project is the development and the validation of innovative digital devices for education. These devices have to be used in class as a pedagogical tool. They have to adjust to the needs of each pupil in order to optimise the learning.

We aim to developp a fluent and easy reading by using either specific trainings to cognitive processes implied (visual and visuointentional treatments) or holistic treatment involved in text reading (spelling unities, prosody, group of breath). For this we are based on international research.

The speed of reading plays a catalyst role in text understandig and spelling learning. Then the objective is to improve the perspective of the pupils’ school success.

Fluence is a project lead by CNRS which involves several partners such as the research laboratories of the University of Grenoble-Alpes (LPNC, GIPSA-Lab, LIDILEM), "Pôle action" from the UGA langage service, "Academie de Grenoble", the teacher academy (ESPE), regional authorities (Isère, Drôme, Ardèche and Haute-Savoie), the town hall of Pont-de-Claix and the university of Quebec (UMQA).

Project promoter : CNRS

Project period : 4 ans (2017-2021)

Scientific project leader : Sylviane Valdois (DR CNRS-LPNC)

Project manager : Sonia Mandin (CNRS-LPNC)

Consortium :

Fluence is a research project with a budget of 1 532 792 € from the Programme d’investissements d’avenir.

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