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Erika Godde

Erika Godde

PhD Student

Bureau E120
1251 av Centrale
Domaine universitaire
38052 Grenoble cedex 9

PhD Thesis

From automaticity to expressiveness and comprehension in reading : function, acquisition and training of prosody in reading with young readers

Supervisors : Marie-Line Bosse (LPNC) et Gérard Bailly (GIPSA-Lab)

Beyond decoding skills, the ability to read grouping words in appropriate phrasing and with expressiveness develops slowly and gradually in children. This ability seems related with the development of reading comprehension, langage abilities and other cognitive functions.
The aim of the project is to study the development and acquisition of prosody in reading and its link with comprehension and other general cognitive abilities. We will also test a training program using the Reading-Assisted-Karaoke-Enhancement (RAKE) system developed by the GIPSA-lab, based on sensorimotor and implicit tranfer of skills between tutor and trainee.


Erika Godde, Gérard Bailly, David Escudero, Marie-Line Bosse, Estelle Gillet-Perret. Evaluation of Reading Performance of Primary School Children : Objective Measurements vs. Subjective Ratings. International Workshop on Child Computer Interaction (WOCCI), Nov 2017, Glasgow, United Kingdom. WOCCI 2017 : 6th International Workshop on Child Computer Interaction,

Godde, E., Bailly, G., Escudero, D., Bosse, M. L., Bianco, M., & Vilain, C. (2017, August). Improving fluency of young readers : introducing a Karaoke to learn how to breath during a Reading-while-Listening task. In 7th ISCA Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education (SLaTE 2017) (pp. CXXXV-CXXXIX).

Godde, E., & Jurcova, M. Learning by Teaching : a Paradigm for the Use of Robots in Education. Master Recherche IC2A Ingénierie de la Cognition, de la Création et des Apprentissages, 53.


  • 2017-2018 : Child development (L2 Psychology)
  • 2017-2018 : Academic work methods (L1 Psychology)
  • 2007-2016 : Primary school teacher (Preschool to 5th grade)


  • 2017 : M2R – Cognitive Sciences - Natural and artificial cognition – Phelma – Grenoble INP

Research project : Improving fluency by computer-assisted reading : highlighting breathgroups with Karaoke

Supervisors : Gérard Bailly (GIPSA-Lab), Marie-Line Bosse (LPNC) et Monica Masperi (LIDILEM)

  • 2007/2008 : Teaching training - IUFM de Carcassonne

Empowerment to teach english and german – C2i2e

  • 2003 : Engineering degree – ENSEEG – Grenoble INP