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Dominic Pérennou

Dominic Pérennou

Laboratoire de Psychologie et NeuroCognition
(CNRS UMR 5105)
Université Pierre Mendes France,
Bâtiment Sciences de l’Homme et Mathématiques
BP 47, 38040 Grenoble Cedex 9 France

Dominic Pérennou, MD-PhD
Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR)
Chair of PMR, University Grenoble-Alpes
Head, Dept of Neurorehabilitation, University Hospital Grenoble-Alpes
Co-chair of the SIG Posture-Mobility-Falls for the Word Federation of NeuroRehabilitation
Member of the scientific committee of the International society for Postural and Gait Research
Member of the Editorial committee of the International society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ISPRM)
Editor in Chief, Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Associate Editor, Gait & Posture

Previous positions : Dr Pérennou carried out his PMR internship in the faculty of medicine in Montpellier where he became an assistant then hospital physician. After being awarded a doctoral degree in Neuroscience, he received postdoctoral training in Neuro-otology at the University College of London (Institute of Neurology ; Queen Square), with Professors A Bronstein and M Gresty as mentors in the MRC Human Movement and Balance Unit (Director J Rothwell). Prior to joining the University of Grenoble-Alpes, Dr Pérennou was a PMR professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Bourgogne in Dijon. He now has 25 years of experience in management of Neurorehab units and departments.

Services : Dr Pérennou serves the WFNR, being one of the two co-chairs of the SIG entitled ‘Posture, mobility and falls’. He also serves the ISPRM as a member of the editorial committee, and the ISPGR as a member of the scientific committee. Since January 2014 he is the Editor-in-chief of Annals of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and since 2016 Associate Editor of Gait & Posture. He has participated in several grant proposal reviews for the French health ministry, and also served in funding agencies for foundations. He has been a member of several national advisory boards associated with academic, research and care institutions. He is a regular reviewer for numerous journals in the fields of Clinical Neurology, Neuroscience, and NeuroRehabilitation, including : Brain, Neurology, Stroke, NNR, JNNP, Gait and Posture, Neuroscience, EBR, Clinical Neurophysiology, etc.

Primary Research Interests : Dr Pérennou’s research focuses on translating basic science research into effective clinical interventions for neurological disorders, especially in the field of postural and gait disorders. He is regularly invited to national and international symposia as a speaker about the internal model of verticality and its biases after stroke. Dominic Pérennou is a member of the cognitive neuroscience research laboratory LPNC. This work is performed in collaboration with Grenoble CNRS (LPNC) and INSERM (Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences) research laboratories.

Publications : Among over 100 indexed publications (HI WoS = 26), Dr Pérennou has published his research in Brain, Neurology, Archives of Neurology, Stroke, Age, NNR, RNN, Neuropsychologia, Gait and Posture, Clinical Neurophysiology, Experimental Brain Research, Neuroreport, Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Clinical Rehabilitation. He has been co-editor of 6 books (in French) and written several chapters in international books. He has also published numerous teaching texts in both hard and electronic formats.

Main current Research Funding : Principal Investigator on 2 National Clinical Projects (PHRC) aimed at studying neural mechanisms and recovery of the sense of verticality after stroke, in view of implementing a rehabilitation program dedicated to these troubles.