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Warning : all manuals and documents are written in french.

You will find on this space all documents related to ethical procedures, training and past newspaper clubs, and user manuals written by members of the CNF for certain analysis software.

ethical procedure

  • Guide to perform a PPC (gait-ethical-LPNC.docx ; CPP-DRAFT-IRM.doc, CPP-DRAFT-GET-TMS.doc)

Useful links

Former journal club

  • Power analysis fMRI (E. Cousin)
  • tES Presentation (S. Harquel / L. Torlay)
  • fMRI conjunctionAnalysis (E. Cousin / E. Hoyau)
  • Statistical Learning (L. Torlay)

PreProcessing and statistical analysis of fMRI data with SPM12

  • [Internal] internal manual for data preprocessing with SPM12
  • [internal] internal manual for the statistical processing of data with SPM12
  • [Internal] Manual verification of data quality and pretreatment (using box art tool) Coming

Useful links

Resting State Data Analysis / Functional Connectivity