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Cristina Gil López

Postdoctoral researcher, Cognitive Neuroscience, PhD

Cristina Gil López

Laboratoire de Psychologie et Neurocognition
Université Grenoble Alpes
Bâtiment Michel Dubois
CS40700 - 38058 Grenoble Cedex 9 France

Current Research and Interests

I am generally interested in the development and enhancement of cognitive functions such as perception, attention, and memory and how these processes are influenced by emotions. In my past research, I used EEG and behavioral research methods to address the neural patterns of numerical cognition, language and affective behavior.
I currently work on the neural correlates of the illusory movement of the body produced by visual stimulation. I use a combination of EEG and NIBS (tACS-TMS) techniques to understand and modulate bistable perception in virtual reality or simulator contexts. Based on EEG-ERPs methods, I also explore the influence of the body posture on positive or negative affective states.

Research publications

1. Manuel Perea, Cristina Gil López, Victoria Beléndez & Manuel Carreiras. Do handwritten words magnify lexical effects in visual word recognition ? Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 2015

2. Manuel Carreiras, Manuel Perea, Cristina Gil-López & Reem Abu Mallouh ; Elena Salillas. Neural Correlates of Visual vs Abstract Letter Processing in Roman and Arabic scripts. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 25-11, 2013

3. Cristina Gil-López, Manuel Perea, Carmen Moret & Manuel Carreiras. Can masked priming effects be obtained with handwritten words ? Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics, 2011.

4. Thesis dissertation : Number Representation in Bilinguals. The role of early learning in the Mental Number Line representation. Roderic repository, Universitat de Valencia, 2016.


Postgraduate in Neurodevelopment disorders, High Institute of Psychology studies (ISEP), Barcelona, Spain. (2017)

Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience, Universitat de Valencia, Spain (2016).

Master degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Education, Universitat de Valencia, Spain (2011)

Bachelor degree in Psychology, Clinical itinerary, Universidad de Málaga (2005)

Academic Awards

Thesis cum laude honors given by the University of Valencia, July 2016.

Master dissertation : academic excellence award, University of Valencia, June 2011.

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