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Brice Beffara

Brice Beffara

Ph.D. Student

LPNC - UMR 5105
1251 avenue Centrale
CS40700 - 38058 GRENOBLE Cedex


Pr. Martial Mermillod (Grenoble-Alpes University, France) and Pr. Nicolas Vermeulen (University of Louvain, Belgium)

Reasearch Interests

  • Applied physiology of emotional regulation and perception
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Biofeedback
  • Applied physiology of cooperation and pro-social behaviors
  • Polyvagal Theory

Research Fields

Psychophysiology, Behavioral Biology, Affective Science, Experimental Cognitive Psychology, Affective Neuroscience, Social Neuroscience

Main Collaborators

  • Marc Ouellet (Clermont-Ferrand University and LAPSCO/CNRS, France)
  • Pierre Chausse (Clermont-Ferrand University and LAPSCO/CNRS, France)
  • Eric Guinet (Grenoble-Alpes University and LPNC/CNRS, France)
  • Aurélia Bugaiska (University of Bourgogne and LEAD/CNRS, Dijon, France)
  • Rebecca Shankland (Grenoble-Alpes University and LIP, France)
  • Johan Lepage (Grenoble-Alpes University and LIP, France)
  • Alexandre Domingues (Institue for Systems and Robotics, Bioeengineering Department, Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal)


  • Beffara, B., Chausse, P., Bret, A., Guinet, E., Vermeulen N. & Mermillod, M. (in preparation). Increased Heart Rate Variability after Short Term Biofeedback : Visual Feedback without Paced Breathing is Sufficient to Regulate.
  • Spatola, N., Santiago J., Beffara, B., Mermillod, M. & Ouellet, M., (in preparation). Processing various conceptual metaphors at the same time with a bad mood.
  • Mermillod, M., Niedenthal, P.M., Rychlowska, M. Droit-Volet, S., Beffara, B., Lopez, L. & Vermeulen, N. (in preparation). How Good is a Smile of a Serial Killer ? Social Information Induces Early Modulation of Neural and Electromyographical Responses to Facial Expressions
  • Beffara, B., Wicker, B., Vermeulen, N., Ouellet, M., Bret, A., Funes M. & Mermillod, M. (in Review, Journal of Vision). Emotional Inhibition is Preferentially Driven by Low Spatial Frequency Information.
  • Bret, A., & Beffara, B. (2013). Anthropomorphising Ourselves  : The Origin of the Free Will Illusion. Student Journal of Psychology, 2, 1, 28-30.
  • Beffara, B., Ouellet, M., Vermeulen, N., Basu, A., Morisseau, T. & Mermillod, M. (2012). Enhanced embodied response following ambiguous emotional processing. Cognitive Processing, 13, S103-S106.


  • Brice Beffara, Nicolas Vermeulen, Amélie Bret, and Martial Mermillod : From Fast Visual Perception to Frontal Emotional Inhibition (Consortium of European Research on Emotion conference, March 27 – 28, 2014, Berlin, Germany)
  • Brice Beffara, Marc Ouellet, Nicolas Vermeulen, Amélie Bret, Tiffany Morisseau and Martial Mermillod : Toward new physiological evidence of Social Top-down Response Modulation (International Symposium Vision, action and concepts : Behavioural and neural basis of embodied perception and cognition, 28-30 October 2013, Lille, France)
  • Brice Beffara, Bruno Wicker, Nicolas Vermeulen, Marc Ouellet, Amélie Bret, Maria Jesus Funes Molina & Martial Mermillod : Is Low Spatial Frequency Information Really Have a Preferential Role in Emotional Frontal Inhibition ? A Behavioral Study. (ESCOP 2013, Eighteenth Meeting of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, 29 August - 1 September 2013 - Budapest, Hungary)
  • Brice Beffara, Coriandre Vilain, Bruno Wicker, Nicolas Vermeulen, Marc Ouellet, Amélie Bret, Maria Jesus Funes Molina & Martial Mermillod. Le Rôle des Basses Fréquences Spatiales dans le Processus d’Inhibition Emotionnelle. 4e Rencontres du Pôle Grenoble Cognition, 4 juin 2013 : Cognition naturelle et cognition artificielle - des données aux modèles, aux systèmes et aux artefacts
  • Brice Beffara & Martial Mermillod. L’Anticipation dans la Perception Sociale des Emotions. Small Group Workshop on Embodied Cognition, 18-19 Avril 2013, LPNC, Grenoble.
  • Ouellet, Spatola, Sémery, Beffara, Mermillod & Santiago de Torres  : When the sad past is left (6 Septembre 2012, 5th International Conference on Spatial Cognition, Sapienza, Rome)
  • Beffara, Ouellet, Vermeulen, Basu, Morisseau, & Mermillod  : Enhanced embodied response followong ambiguous emotional processing (7 Septembre 2012, 5th International Conference on Spatial Cognition, Sapienza, Rome)


2013-2016 : Doctoral studies in Cognitive Science and Neurocognition (International grant from Grenoble-Alpes University)

2012-2013. Grenoble Institute of Technology, M.Sc. in Cognitive Science

2011-2012. Clermont University, Bachelor of Honor in Psychology

2008-2011. Clermont University, Bachelor in Psychology


  • 1st year, Psychology (Grenoble) : Introduction to Psychology
  • 2nd year, Psychology (Grenoble) : Cognitive Psychology
  • 3rd year, Psychology (Grenoble) : Satistics and Data Analysis (SPSS)
  • 4th year, Cognitive and Social Psychology (Grenoble) : E-prime Programmation