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Benjamin Kowialiewski

Research questions :
My research work aims at examining the interactions between working memory and language. More specifically, I assess the influence of linguistic knowledge on working memory at different levels of processing, such as serial order processing or temporary activation within the language system. Recently, I became interested in understand how linguisic knowledge allows the compression of information in working memory.

  • In order to examine these research questions, I use behavioural and functional neuroimaging (MRI) research methods.
  • I also started to investigate these questions using computational modeling techniques.

Publications :

  • Kowialiewski, B., & Majerus, S. (2020). The varying nature of semantic effects in working memory. Cognition, 202, 104278.
  • Kowialiewski, B., Van Calster, L., Attout, L., Philips, C., & Majerus, S. (2020). Neural patterns in linguistic cortices discriminate the content of verbal working memory. Cerebral Cortex. 30(5), 2997-3014.
  • Kowialiewski, B., & Majerus, S. (2019). Verbal working memory and linguistic long-term memory : Exploring the lexical cohort effect. Memory & Cognition, 1-15.
  • Kowialiewski, B., & Majerus, S. (2018). The non-strategic nature of linguistic long-term memory effects in verbal short-term memory. Journal of Memory and Language, 101, 64-83.
  • Kowialiewski, B., & Majerus, S. (2018). Testing the redintegration hypothesis by a single probe recognition paradigm. Memory, 26(9), 1256-1264.
  • Gorin, S., Kowialiewski, B., & Majerus, S. (2016). Domain-generality of timing-based serial order processes in short-term memory : New insights from musical and verbal domains. PloS one, 11(12).