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Behavorial Research Equipment

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Behavorial Research Equipment is composed of three equipments :

  • Behavorial Research Equipment « adult »

The behavioral research equipment includes several experimental and shared testing cubicles, equipped with specific equipment for research in psychophysics, such as eyetracking and other devices for the study of movement and color perception.

  • VICON (Motion capture and virtual reality)
    Software : E-Prime, Matlab, Tracker, Vicon SDK, CryEngine, VRML.
    This is a technical ’platform’ for 3D visualization and the capture of movements which includes : a room of about 15 m² ; a wide screen (3 x 2 m) for a presentation of stimuli in actual size ; an active 3D compatible video projector, possibility of multi-projection ; a system of motion capture (Vicon : 7 cameras and Tracker software) ; a workstation with two professional graphics-cards for generation of stimuli, recording of optical markers and analysis of data of movements
  • Electrophysiology equipment (Chambéry)