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Alexia Roux-Sibilon

Doctorante - A.T.E.R. / PhD Student

Research Interests - Scene and object recognition ; Visual perception and peripheral vision ; Visual processing in people with glaucoma

PhD thesis (submitted)

Title Study of the influence of peripheral vision on visual recognition mechanisms in the theoretical framework of a predictive spatial-frequency based model

Advisor Carole Peyrin

Funding Grant AGIR-POLE-CBS (ComUE Grenoble Alpes)

Peer-reviewed articles

Google Scholar

Trouilloud, A., Kauffmann, L., Roux-Sibilon, A., Rossel, P., Boucart, M., Mermillod, M., & Peyrin, C. (2020). Rapid scene categorization : From coarse peripheral vision to fine central vision. Vision Research, 170, 60-72.

Roux-Sibilon, A., Trouilloud, A., Kauffmann, L., Guyader, N., Mermillod, M., & Peyrin, C. (2019). Influence of peripheral vision on object categorization in central vision. Journal of Vision, 19(14), 7-7.

Roux-Sibilon, A., Rutge, F., Aptel, F., Attye, A., Guyader, N., Boucart, M., Chiquet, C., & Peyrin, C. (2018). Scene and human face recognition in the central vision of patients with glaucoma. PloS one, 13(2).

Roux-Sibilon, A., Kalénine, S., Pichat, C., & Peyrin, C. (2018). Dorsal and ventral stream contribution to the paired-object affordance effect. Neuropsychologia, 112, 125-134.

Hoyau, E., Roux-Sibilon, A., Boudiaf, N., Pichat, C., Cousin, E., Krainik, A., Jaillard, A., Peyrin, C., & Baciu, M. (2018). Aging modulates fronto-temporal cortical interactions during lexical production. A dynamic causal modeling study. Brain and language, 184, 11-19.

Kauffmann, L., Roux-Sibilon, A., Beffara, B., Mermillod, M., Guyader, N., & Peyrin, C. (2017). How does information from low and high spatial frequencies interact during scene categorization ?. Visual Cognition, 25(9-10), 853-867.

Peyrin, C., Ramanoël, S., Roux-Sibilon, A., Chokron, S., & Hera, R. (2017). Scene perception in age-related macular degeneration : Effect of spatial frequencies and contrast in residual vision. Vision Research, 130, 36-47.


Methods and statistics
Advanced Methods in Cognitive Psychology (tutorials 6h | Psychology 4rd Year)
Introduction to inferential statistics (tutorials 32h | Psychology 2nd Year)
Data analysis (tutorials 32h | Psychology 1st Year)
Methods in Social Science (tutorials 12h | Psychology 1st Year)
Academic Work Methods (tutorials 68h | Psychology 1st Year)

Psychometrics (tutorials 28h | Psychology 2nd Year)
Cognitive psychology - Visual recognition (lecture 4h | Psychology 2nd Year)
Cognitive Psychology - Perception, action, categorisation (tutorials 24h | Psychology 3rd Year)
Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (tutorials 26h | Psychology 1st Year)

Neurophysiology of Sensory Systems (tutorials 32h | Psychology 3rd Year)
Neurophysiology of Sensory Systems (practical works 92h | Psychology 3rd Year)