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Ahmed Zaher

Bât Michel Dubois - Bureau D105
1251 av Centrale
38052 Grenoble Cedex09

Tél. : 06 50 40 49 22

Profile :

I am a passionate statistician and data scientist, specialized in applied econometrics. I got a statistical engineering degree from the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics (INSEA, Rabat/Morocco) in 2017. I then completed a master degree of applied econometrics at Lille University with first Class Honours. I am now in charge of statistical analyses and large-scale data managing at the CNRS (UMR 5105) for the project PIA e-FRAN Fluence.

Fluence :

Masters Thesis :

• “One-man enterprises in the Lille metropole territory : Modelisation and Spatial Analysis of creation determinants (2018)
Supervisors Professor Yves Arrighy (M2 ECAPE) & Mrs Catherine Valour (European
Metropolis of Lille)
This thesis explored the idea that one-man enterprises, which are majoritate in Lille territory, could be an efficient solution for the unemployment in this territory. To study its feasibility, a statistical study was conducted of all one-man enterprises in Lille territory. In addition to a spatial econometric studies to explain the activity of self-entrepreneurship on Lille territory

• “What impacts of accession to ECOWAS on the Moroccan economy ? (2017)
Supervisors Professor M’hamed Tahraoui (INSEA) & Mr Brahim Hassnaoui (Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance)
This thesis studied the Moroccan decision to integrate the ECOWAS organization.
In the spirit of measuring the impact of this membership on the Moroccan economy, this work consists in studying first the evolution of Moroccan exports to the ECOWAS countries in the event of accession. In a second step, we sought to predict the effects on the country’s economic fabric based on the results of the impact on exports.

• "Knowledge Economy : Evaluation, Modeling and Statistical Analysis of the Concept (2016)"
internship of second year INSEA, Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance, Rabat.