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In the French system, research laboratories are affiliated and accredited by external agents, and can form structures which receive support from multiple agencies, including Universities, Research Councils, and Goevernement bodies.

The LPNC has been proudly affiliated to the CNRS (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique) since 1978. Within the CNRS there are separate institutes, which reflect the main research domains of the constituent parts. Within this structure, funds are allocated and research evaluated. The LPNC is primarily affiliated to the Biological Sciences division (INSB) of the CNRS, but also the Social Sciences division (INSHS).

The LPNC is affiliated to two universities – the Université Grenoble Alpes in Grenoble, and the Université de Savoie Mont-Blanc in Chambery.

The majority of researchers in the LPNC are employed by the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). Within the UGA, research is organized into ‘Poles’ of which, we are affiliated to two : a pole which includes the humanities and cognitive and social sciences, and one which includes chemistry, biology and health research. Further structures exist within the university to bring together multidisciplinary teams with shared interests. In this context, the LPNC has partnerships with a structure in the university researching Cognition, another with Health and Society, and yet another with Neuroimagining.
Our lab is part of a consortium of research structures, an IDEX (Iniative d’Excellence) which operates at a university level. This is a national recognition of the excellence of research carried out at the UGA.

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