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Bertille Somon

Bertille Somon


Office National d'Etudes et de Reherches Aérospatiales Département de Traitement de l'Information et Systèmes Base Aérienne 701 13100 Salon Cedex Air

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2015-... : PhD Thesis

Neuro-functional correlates of the out-of-the-loop performance problem : impact on performance monitoring

In the past decades, automation has become increasingly present in our daily life. Automation has allowed processes to become faster, easier and safer. However, these advances mask the fact that automation does not replace human activity but rather modifies it. People that were previously performing manual activities have now moved to more supervisory tasks. This change in activity has led to new cognitive dysfunctions. These dysfunctions are at the origin of a phenomenon called the out-of-the(-control)-loop (OOL) performance problem. It has been widely studied through a behavioral approach, but its neural correlates are unknown for the moment.

One important behavioral aspect of the OOL performance problem is the insufficient monitoring and checking of automated functions by human operators. The lack of operator involvement in monitoring tasks contributes to critical human cognitive errors, specifically the loss of operator situation awareness, which is one of the main causes of OOL-related accidents.

We make the hypothesis that using the knowledge about substrates of performance monitoring in humans could help in understanding and characterizing the OOL performance problem.

This thesis is supervised by Arnaud Delorme (CerCo, Toulouse), Aurélie Campagne (LPNC, Grenoble) and Bruno Berberian (ONERA, Salon de Provence).

2014-2015 : Bioengineering and Innovation in Neurosciences Master’s Degree

Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie de la Ville de Paris - ESPCI ParisTech - Mention Bien

Internship : "Deletion of a Cystein-Rich Domain of MuSK, a receptor tyrosine kinase, leads to abnormal behavior in mice."

2011-2014 : Biomedical Engineering

University of Rouen

Bachelor’s degree in BME - Mention Bien

1st year of master’s degree in BME

Internship : Use of a force platform for gait analysis

2009-2011 : PCEM1

University of Rouen

2009 : International Baccalauréat

Lycée de l’Institution Saint Joseph, Le Havre - Mention ABien

Section S, spécialité SVT

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